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Calling all fellow seekers of the mystical and magical!

Sacred Bridges CUUPS extends a warm invitation to our Pagan Jubilee on May 4th, 2024, where the energies of Beltane will come alive in the most enchanting way. We are absolutely thrilled to announce our special guest for this event: Wayne Manthey Drum Maker! Wayne is a gifted artisan with a deep connection to the ancient rhythms of nature.

At 10:30am, he will lead a workshop that will allow you to create your very own deer skin drum. Imagine crafting an instrument that will resonate with the heartbeat of the Earth itself, a tool for your spiritual journey unlike any other. This is your chance to do just that.

Join us for a day of connection, celebration, and creation as we honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year. The workshop with Wayne promises to be a transformative experience, uniting the sacred and the creative in a way that only Beltane can inspire. Mark your calendars for May 4th, 2024, and be part of this unique opportunity to infuse your Beltane celebration with the rhythm of your very own handmade drum.

13 inch deer skin drum: $155

16 inch deer skin drum: $180

Tickets are non-refundable. If you decide you can not make the event you may transfer/sell your ticket to another individual. Please contact us to let us know who will be receiving your ticket.

Buy your tickets here.

Drums teach responsibility. Making them is an honor, a meditation, and continues to reveal lessons for me as well.

Minimum 10 people max 15. Drum making starts at 10:30am-2:30pm

The outline for the workshop is simple. It will take about 4 hours to make your drum. Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 15 drums. You show up with a desire to have a drum of your own, or, maybe it is just curiosity. That’s all you need, really!

We start with a pre-constructed frame, deer hides, and a bucket of walnut stain. First, you choose your frame, lay out the hides, and take a few moments of reflection to connect to this medium. After cutting out the drum circles, I take you, one step at a time, through the rest of the process. The looks on the faces when the drums are completed is where it’s at for me. There are no words that can completely describe what it feels like to make your own drum. All you need is to be there and do it!

Artist Statement:

Making drums began as a curiosity. I was intrigued by the thought that sound could be created with animal skins. Waaayyy before you could YouTube everything, (30+ years) I set out to find out how to get that sound. Making drums from one type of hide then another, gave me insight into just how to actually relate to the skins in creating my drums. In turn, this “research” turned into meditation and I found a way to connect with this fantastic medium.

As I started making drums, I was especially interested in the vibration of rawhide and the sound it makes. Once I was able to consistently achieve the quality sound and feeling I was looking for, assigning antlers, wood, stone, and lacing variations made the drums more decorative and visually pleasing.

The healing properties of a drum are found in the elements that make it: wood and animal hide. Making personal frame drums is a journey that is individually and spiritually meaningful. Teaching drum-making classes involves storytelling and introspection. The drum symbolizes the heartbeat of life, the heartbeat of the community. It is not simply an art form, but a tool for cleansing, centering and focusing one’s intentions for health and happiness.

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